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"The Swede oscillates between Post-punk, goth-rock, Placebo and Nick Cave. Her singing has the same kind of absolute urgency that Patti Smith and Tom Verlaine once has." ROLLING STONE

“There is no other way to describe Swedish artist Sofia Härdig than as a future rock goddess.” – The Revue US

She has also been personally approved by Belle and Sebastian’s Stevie Jackson, who’s been loving and championing her Albums, the world looks promising for Sofia Härdig. The Swedish born multi-instrumentalist is the latest example of another world class Scandinavian export.Sofia has worked with household Swedish names like the Grammy Award winners The Hellacopters and Bob Hund. Additionally, she has worked with Yoshimi from Boredoms. After performing alongside a number of impressive names, including Lydia Lynch.


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Sofia Härdig

The New York-based indie music blog writes that the single Infatuation ”... is a decidedly riff-driven track that sounds like it was indebted to Ziggy Stardust-era Bowie, Marc Bolan / T.Rex and Horses-era Patti Smith, complete with an enormous, arena rock friendly hook.” 

American SKopemag concludes that Sofia Härdig is ”heading for a higher status amongst rock’s elite".

Combining rock and electro is not new. But few go this way as cool as the Swedish songwriter”. Rolling Stone Magazine (USA)

In her home country Sweden she has been nominated to composer of the year for her album ”And The Street Light Leads To The Sea.”


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