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Her second album "The Papillon" will be re-released via BAYO / HOWLING JAZZ!!!

The album will be released with two new remixes June 9,  2023.

The single "Change The World Hab Remix" release date June 1,  2023.

The Papillon album were originally released on Havtorn during the pandemic but It did not receive the proper attention it deserved. Therefore, the album will be released again in 2023 via Bark At Your Owner..

After a lifetime of longing and two years of searching, she finally found her biological mother Shanta in India. They got to spend 1,5 year getting to know each other when her mother suddenly died, while attending a pilgrim walk in the Himalayas.


This second album of Vidya is based upon the unique experience and process she went through when searching for, finding and suddenly loosing her Indian mother. The title - The Papillon - is referring to the constant metamorphosis going on inside Vidya, due to her background, which culminated when she found her mother.

Vidya is a playful and strongly intuitive singer, pianist, composer and producer. She is inspired by the body and it’s inner processes, sound, shape and colour. Her music often appears in her dreams..

In Vidyas music the listener get to meet the truth of her voice and a pulsating now. She is a prestigeless musician, guided by a feeling of freedom when singing and playing. Vidya plays her music together with bass player Putte Johander and the drummer Jon Fält. The three of them gather round the same consensus - That all musical things is worth exploring and the importance to cherish each others inner tone, to be able to give space to their individual playfullness! 

BIO  Vidya, Putte & Jon


"The Papillon"  release date June 9,  2023.

Artwork by Vidya - Liselott Sundberg

★ Vidya

Vidya is born in Pune (India) and grew up in Gävle, where she now lives again since a year back. Her first album PEACE PLAY received great reviews from several Swedish magazines. Amongst them being Dagens Nyheter - Swedens biggest and most respected newspaper. She was also well publicised before the release, with a full page in the daily newspaper Expressen and her single "I Wanna Know" rotating on the radio.

In 2019 Vidya collaborated with the world famous acoustic bass player Georg Riedel. This happened because Vidya had a dream (shortly after finding her mother), in which the song ”Ett andetag” appeared together with a picture of a tree stump and the name Georg Riedel. When her mother died Vidya understod what the vision ment and the dream became reality, when the legendary jazz musician played the song together with her, at the tribute concert made to her deceased mother. The concert was recorded by Swedish Radio P2.

★ Putte

Putte Johander grew up in Stockholm and now live on the Koster Islands between Norway and Sweden. He play in several bands, one being Lekverk together with Jon Fält and Adam Forkelid. Another one being Monoswezi that has toured the world and been recognised by both CNN and BBC. Putte has won one Danish Grammy Award with the band Sekten.

★ Jon

Jon Fält grew up in Sandviken and now live in Gävle. He is a multiple time awarded drummer receiving two SwedishJazzkatter” as well as ”Jazzkannan” and an Alice Babs Award, to mention a few. He tours both nationally and internationally with Bobo Stenson Trio, Ellen Andrea Wang (NO) Yunkan 5 och 10 and many more.

Vidja  - Change the World - Hab Remix Coverart 3000 x 3000.jpg

"Change the World Hab Remix" 

Single release date June 1,  2023.

Sleeve design by Vidya - Liselott Sundberg




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Singer - Musician - Composer - Producer

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