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Tim Saul has signed and licensed his new album “Thresholds” to BAYO.

Like many good things in life, a chance introduction led to a series of conversations and the discovery of a like-minded creative vision. Time passed and an album was created, shared, listened to and loved, culminating in the license signing of Tim Saul to Swedish Thrift-shop label BARK AT YOUR OWNER. Tim Saul, the brainchild of the UK band Earthling, has an impressive resume and body of work to his discography. Now, the album “Thresholds” is the new cinematic electronica project from the sagacious producer and composer. Written and recorded beside the seas of Brighton, Mallorca & Suffolk, the project was mixed in Bristol at Invada Studios (home of Portishead's Geoff Barrow) in collaboration with Jamie Orchard-Lisle (Beak/Goldfrapp/ Penguin Cafe Orchestra).


Stylistically, this engaging album ranges from atmospheric beat-driven cuts, to more spacious ambient pieces with neo-classical leanings. Sonic storytelling with a poetic intention. A visually captivating & beguiling short film titled "In The Future, Only The Curious Will Survive" made with American video artist Agnes Haus (Penelope Trappes/ Golden Filter) will launch the project in Autumn 2022, with the full 9 track LP to be released in February 2023 on the thrift-shop Swedish label - Bark at Your Owner. The album also ends with a bonus track featuring the late, great US diva, Julee Cruise (of David Lynch/Twin Peaks).

I Love it!
- Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith (electronic music artist)


24 George St. – Easter Monday during Lockdown. A pop-up studio in a cavernous basement of an old townhouse – part surrealist shebeen, part North African souk. Previously a bakery, the building has been home to many generations of musicians & story-tellers. On this day, in this makeshift lab, ghosts bounce straight off of the walls & into the melodies, creation & backbone of the composition.

With the 2nd single from the LP “Thresholds” - released on BAYO in Feb 2023 - Tim Saul merges a range of influences he grew up listening to in the 80's : Alt Rock, Post punk, Dream Pop & pioneering electronic artists. In the process creating a stylistically hybrid track, with a distinct nod towards the iconic sound of the Cocteau Twins, mixed with timeless psychedelic overtones, bringing to mind contemporary artists such as Sigur Ros & the Unloved.

A simple & powerful, hypnotic synth riff sits atop a foundation of driving bass & drums, whilst enchanting clouds of vocal harmonies - reminiscent of Le Mystere Des Voix Bulgares – rise & fall as intense cinematic strings pull the track towards to an intense crescendo.

24 George St. comes in 2 versions : the original instrumental version & the expanded vocal version featuring Swedish electronic artist Elsa Hedberg aka Elsa Esmeralda, who elevates the track with her uniquely distinctive voice. She has previous been featured on all the million steaming tracks by London Electricity.


For fans Of : The Cinematic Orchestra, Massive Attack, Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross, Clint Mansell, Brian Eno & David Byrne, Nils Frahm, Harold Budd, Ryuichi Sakamoto


  • I Love it! - Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith (electronic music artist)


  • Beautiful, haunting & cinematic. You can instantly imagine the pieces as soundtracks on a film, carrying emotion, suspense, intrigue & much more, representing elapsed time. All the pieces distinctly different and yet linked into a whole. Stand out tracks are : Cryptophasia - beautiful pulsing piano, 24 George Street ; very moving with the strong rhythm & voices ; Radiant Particulars with its beat & fascinating voice - upbeat, uplifting & strange! ; & Thresholds, beautiful & haunting with its pace & height and depth. - Nicola Cooper (Writer & Poet)


  • A fabulous album. So many favourite tracks!. I love the Cryptophasia's 1 & 2 - the pulse & the way the beautiful melodies crossover & meld into each other : You are the King of ‘MELD-ODIES'! Very Twin Peaksy. Lovely. The title track is big & beautiful, with evocative choice of words & quite 80's in feel. 24 George St. is also quite 80s & quite 60s styalistically, but all the tracks very much have your own poetic style. I loved the space cretaed by Behind the Lights are the Stars - probably my favourite. No, my favourite is Radiant Particulars.! I think that one is a number one. Alone, Together, We are. How very true. Great way to end the album - sad & thoughtful yet also deeply hopeful! Your style is musically, philosophically, rhythmically haunting & melodically exciting. - Jane Bom-Bane (Singer, Songwriter & Storyteller)


  • What a stunning piece of work. Sounds great - the flow and drama is spot on. I think this is a great piece of art. - John Cloud Head (Honcho at BAYO/ Playground Sync & Publishing, Scandanavia)

Tim + Shipping Container Low res .png

Tim Saul is a British Music Producer, Composer, Re-mixer, Sound designer, Songwriter and occasional DJ.


Album release date Feb 3, 2023
Single 1 “Radiant Particulars” Nov 11th, 2022
Single 2 “24 George StreetJan 6th, 2023

Artwork Credits : Sleeve design by Nathan Church & Tim Saul.
Original drawings by John Earnest Weaver from The Ecological Relations of Roots, 1919. (Creative commons)

24 George Street Feat Elsa Esmeralda-small.jpg

Single 2 “24 George StreetJan 6th, 2023

Artwork Credits : Sleeve design by Nathan Church & Tim Saul.
Original drawings by John Earnest Weaver from The Ecological Relations of Roots, 1919. (Creative commons)

New Single from Tim Saul from the album “Thresholds” release date Feb 3, 2023, entitled "24 George Street feat Elsa Esmeralda”  release Jan 6, 2023.

NEW SINGLE OUT - Nov 11th 2022


Tim Saul Ft. Ulysses Black (Lyric Visualiser)

The title track from Tim Saul's 2023 LP Thresholds, featuring the voice of Ulysses Black. "Light & then colour, flowed around the obstacles she made. Displaced, she persisted. Light, flowed around the obstacles she made, displaced, she persisted..."

Radiant Particulars LowRes.png

Single 1 “Radiant Particulars” Nov 11th, 2022

Artwork Credits : Sleeve design by Nathan Church & Tim Saul.
Original drawings by John Earnest Weaver from The Ecological Relations of Roots, 1919. (Creative commons)

NEW Single Release June 8, 2023
Thresholds Radio Edit

Thresholds (Radio  Edit ) Cover Final.jpg

Sleeve design by Tim Saul


In The Future, Only The Curious Will Survive
- Official release date Nov. 11

Directed by visual artist Agnes Haus (Penelope Trappes, Golden Filter), 'In The Future, Only The Curious Will Survive' is an enchanting & kaleidoscopic short film exploring memory, childhood & uncertain freedom in a post-apocalyptic Stalker-esque world. The impressionistic film incorporates exquisite depth of colour & vision, in collaboration with the beautifully reflective score from composer Tim Saul (Earthling, Julee Cruise, Portishead), whose original ideas the film is based on.


Part 1 - Cryptophasia : Seraphic twins emerge through the undergrowth into a polychromatic dream meadow – vivid, sublime & perpetually in motion - forever entangled, from childhood to death. Memories fast forward & rewind, a secret language shared.


Part 2 - Radiant Particulars : Those small, everyday moments that are somehow highly charged with meaning and radiance. Days flow like a river & most days, we cling to the raft of uncertainty & those luminous moments can make all the difference. A paean to the last days, curiosity is all there is.



SRC: SE6692200102
Featuring Hunter & Kahlo
Directed & Edited by Agnes Haus
From an original idea by Tim Saul
Co-Creative Direction by Tim Saul
With thanks to Claire Wearn, Penelope Trappes, Stephe Hindman, John Cloud, Bark At Your Owner & Help Musicians UK.

'Cryptophasia', 'Radiant Particulars' & 'Cryptophasia Pt 2'. Written & Produced by Tim Saul from the album Thresholds.

Filmed in Wild Park, East Sussex, UK © + Published by Bark at Your Owner (part of the Icons Creating Evil Art group)



You Tube


P & C 2022 Bark At Your Owner, part of the ICEA family.

All Rights Reserved.


Tim Saul is a British Music Producer, Composer, Re-mixer, Sound designer, Songwriter and occasional DJ. Raised on a sonic diet of experimentation, mood and melancholy, his background is in Beats, Samples and Soundtracks, mixed with the melodies of haunted tales. A magpie’s instinct for capturing moments in time and place. Intensify, manipulate, re-arrange and make the ingredients into something new.

Originating from the Bristol music scene that came to prominence in the 90's, I performed in several bands before gravitating towards songwriting & studio production as part of the Trip-Hop duo Earthling (UK Top 50 LP Radar released in 1995). 


Artists worked with include: Earthling, Portishead, Geof Barrow, Julee Cruise, Ray Manzarek, Stephanie McKay, Intik, Mozella, Rhett Brewer and Kid Loco.


Tim has written extensively for a variety of media projects.
Clients include: Academy Awards, Lexus, Levi's, Saatchi and Saatchi, Canal+, Standard Music Library, BFI, Channel4, BBC, Koka Media, Holocaust Memorial Day Trust, Chocolate Films, TF1, France Inter and France Culture


Performed at: Abbey Road, Glastonbury Festival, John Peel Sessions, Radio Concert Hall Bratislava, ICA, Later with Jools Holland, WOMAD.


A lifelong film lover, he continues to enjoy making atmospheric music for a variety of mediums. Antennae open to the beauty and orchestration of classical music and the pulses of electronic innovators. An imagined future passed. Influenced and inspired by: Forgotten TV themes and Music Libraries, Psychology, Art, Photography, the Beat writers, Dub pioneers & Kings and Queens of electronic music.


  • Recording an album with the Slovak National Symphony Orchestra.
  • Working with pioneering band Portishead on their debut LP Dummy  (see classic LP book 33/3 rd for which I was interviewed extensively).

  • Collaborating with Ray Manzarek - legendary keyboard player for The Doors & Julee Cruise (Twin Peaks).

  • Recording at the world famous Abbey Road studios, appearing twice on Later with Jools Holland & recording several Radio 1 sessions including one for the hugely influential John Peel.

  • As a musical director & keyboard player he has performed at Glastonbury Festival, WOMAD, London's ICA & the Astoria along with many other major festivals & venues across Europe.

  • .BBC & the BMG, Universal, Sony, Chrysalis, EMIFor the last 20 years, he has self-managed & self -promoted his musical output & catalogue, dealing directly with labels, artists, agency creatives, publishers, promoters, music supervisors & film directors, project managing for the likes of


  • After releasing 2 LP's with Earthling, he began to specialize in composing music for the media, notably writing music for: ABC”s Academy Awards TV trailer, 2 Holocaust Memorial Day Trust documentaries & high profile advertising spots for Lexus & Levi’s in the US, also scoring a short film: Hounds – which showed at Cannes & won festival prizes.

  • He has written 2 production music library LP's for Standard Music & Anger music & a 3 rd Earthling LP : Insomniacs' Ball was released to an excited fanbase in 2011, along with a self released collection of instrumental soundtrack music titled Ear Movies Vol 1.





John Cloud, MD​

Bark AT Your Owner

+46 703 755090

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Tim Saul


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We are a part of the CMG Holdings Group.  
Which holds labels Icons Creating Evil Art, Despotz Records, Flick Agency and Mars Music Publishing and more.

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