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The Nowness is a musical journey by Joakim Jähnke, a native of Uppsala with Sami heritage,

standing in a flowing stream filled with both Pop, Soul, Glamrock and Punk.


The Nowness wades forward through stories filled with straightforward love for life and respect for its fragility. All we have

is the present,be there and live it.


This is The Nowness.

Joakim Jähnke - bass, vocals, guitar

Daniel Henriksson - drums, vocals, keyboard, guitar

Joakim Ögger - guitar, vocals, harmonica

Joakim Jähnke's previous adventures have included bands such as: Thorsten Flink & Revolution Orchestra, START,
The New Clear Clouds, Psychowards to name a few. 
Daniel Henriksson has a musical past in Spinal Motion and Dino's.

Joakim Ögger has contributed with his musical sense to i.a. Shortcuts.

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"Even A Dog Has it's Day" - Track by track info:

★ Easy Day

Do you remember those summer days with endless of time and no structure or must doings?

When you just were relaxed in body, soul and mind? This is my memory of an Easy Day.

We had a fun time recording this during rehearsals. Thanks Daniel that you figured out the accordion.

★ Even When You're Wrong

Me (Joakim Jähnke) and my best friend and old time songwriting pal John Cloud made this song back in 2010.

I guess loads of coffee were involved as usual. Always fun working together. A song about all

the wrong doings, that in the end seems to be right in someway.

★ A Day on a Job

Me (Joakim Jähnke) and my best friend and old time songwriting pal John Cloud made this song back in 2010.

Another old song from the pen of me and JC. About the indulgence and offense you might have to put up with after and

under, during a working day. Still you have to take it as a pro.

One of the first song that The Nowness rehearsed. The song was recorded inside a container out in the woods.

★ I Choose My Battles Now

A new song written for The Nowness, about growing older and no longer have the need to change the world in all aspects, even if you still want to. Choose the battles you can win and just let some pass. Still keep your backbone straight.


THE NOWNESS debut album
"Even A Dog Has it's Day"

Release date: May 5, 2023

★ Even A Dog Has it's Day

If I remember correctly I was listening to Tom Petty that day (been doing so for decades) and I heard that expression in a TV show the same evening. I thought there must be a song in there! What would T. Petty have done? Well it turned out

to be a good song, with the help of JC.

★ That Pop Music

Looking through a bunch of vinyls (LP,s and singles) and thought about how it was before the digital age when you actually have

to find a psychical example and the feeling of taking it home. The old recordstore MusikÖrat was a inspiration to this song.
One of the owners Peter (r.i.p), could tell you what you liked or not 
even if you didn´t know it yourself. Thanks for the education.

★ French Kisses

When you found the One, then you know what matters in life. A song about longing and belonging.

★ Can't Stretch Time

The melody came to me one evening, I picked up my acoustic ,turned the

voicememo on and started working on it. You just have to be in the Nowness.

Reminds me of Myself

The stuggle between the contradictions that we all carry within us, city lights v/s the aurora nights, forward and rewinds

all like a record with a scratch.

I Can Live With That Now

Reworked this old song from 2009. After dealing with old ghost it was time to

move on. Don´t let your past predetermine your future. Whatever you been

through it may have shaped you but you can turn it around and some good

things will come out of it.

Betina Spector

This is one of the drummer Daniel Henrikssons songs. I thought it was fun to play and he did the lead vocals.

Run Out of Trouble

This guitar riff was actually an accident but I liked it and after reading Jimmy Webb´s book ”Tunesmith” I must confess

 had to make a song out of it. Presented to JC and we had another afternoon session with laughter and coffee.

Mates forever.


John Cloud, MD​

Bark AT Your Owner

+46 703 755090

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The Nowness

Pop, Soul, Glamrock & Punk

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