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Great reviews for Sofia Härdig from all over the world!

Now signed to Bark At Your Owner for her coming album in 2023.

"The Swede oscillates between Post-punk, goth-rock, Placebo and Nick Cave. Her singing has the same kind of absolute urgency that Patti Smith and Tom Verlaine once has." ROLLING STONE

There is no other way to describe Swedish artist Sofia Härdig than as a future rock goddess.” – The Revue US

Steve Lemacq recommends her single Infatuation at BBC Radio!

The Swedish born multi-instrumentalist is the latest example of another world class Scandinavian export.

She has also been personally approved by Belle and Sebastian’s Stevie Jackson, who’s been loving and championing her Albums, the world looks promising for Sofia Härdig. The Swedish born multi-instrumentalist is the latest example of another world class Scandinavian export.

Sofia has worked with household Swedish names like the Grammy Award winners The Hellacopters and Bob Hund. Additionally, she has worked with Yoshimi from Boredoms. After performing alongside a number of impressive names, including Lydia Lynch.

The Swedish artist Sofia Härdig is recieving tributes and being hailed by critics and music blogs all over Europe.

All four singles from the album This Big Hush (i.e Infatuation, Radiant Star, Silence and Sucking The Flowers) has been on playlists and on radio rotation in Europe. The legendary English DJ and journalist Steve Lemacq, famous for championing new artists and bands to success, played Sofia Härdig in his radio show Steve Lemacq Recommends at BBC 6Music.

After touring Germany with 
sold out shows. She is now returning for a few selected shows in Germany with more international dates to follow.

The English music magazine With Guitars (Rock, Indie and Punk) calls Sofia Härdig the new queen of alt- rock”. The single Silence was ranked as one of the Top 10 Songs 2019 at the English music blog Nordic Music Scene / God Is In The TV, who also loved her album: ”To compare her to anyone you have to be looking back decades to the likes of Suzi Quatro, Joan Jett, Kim Gordon and Patti Smith in their heyday... Her own star is radiant right now and she doesn’t disappoint here. Roll on some live shows in the UK!”

”"The Swedish-born polymath has never been on more rumbustious form.”, writes The Crack Magazine: This is proper stirring stuff, a real rock and roll record, and spiky with it. She’s recently spoken about meeting Patti Smith and there is bucketloads of Smith within these grooves along with chunks of Siouxsie and the Banshees and St. Vincent. Bravo!”.


It’s All Indie says: ”Squalling guitars signify Härdig’s chaotic presence, while chugging bass parts pave the way for her intense vocals.” ”Distinctly insistent, Radiant Star gives Sofia Härdig another opportunity to stamp her purposeful presence upon a song”, said Blues Bunny in Scotland.
he magazine / website Louder Than War gave the album This Big Hush a nice 7/10 review.

Germany VISIONS Magazin reviewed the album This Big Hush and gave it 9 points out of 10: ”The album is permeated with the idiosyncratic personality and the active spirit of the global citizen Härdig. Hearts gone wild, searching, but also the cold populates her world. She fathoms and conjures up the dark sides of the soul, love, sex. Exciting!".

The German magazine Sounds and Books named the single Song of the day, and rewarded it with 11 out of 11 ponts. The single Radiant star was premiered by the Germany’s leading Art, Music and Fashion magazine Kaltblut.

In Belgium the music blog Concert Monkey concluded their review with: ”Sofia has a powerful, special voice. The songs are of good quality and strong, with a lot of aggression in the music and in her voice.

Sofia Härdig has also been noted in both USA and Canada

The New York-based indie music blog writes that the single Infatuation... is a decidedly riff-driven track that sounds like it was indebted to Ziggy Stardust-era Bowie, Marc Bolan / T.Rex and Horses-era Patti Smith, complete with an enormous, arena rock friendly hook.”
American SKopemag concludes that 
Sofia Härdig is ”heading for a higher status amongst rock’s elite".


The Canadian online publication Spill Magazine premiered her single Radiant Star and wrote: ”The artist daubs using a palette of squalling guitars and vivid colours, creating a cinematic and accentuating the post-punk sensibilities of the full-length".

Combining rock and electro is not new. But few go this way as cool as the Swedish songwriter”. Rolling Stone Magazine (USA)

In her home country Sweden she has been nominated to composer of the year for her album ”And The Street Light Leads To The Sea.

Sofia Härdig

Sofia Härdig

Photo by Mimi Svanberg

Sofia Härdig Press 4. by Mimi Svanberg (kopia).jpg

Sofia Härdig

Photo by Mimi Svanberg

Sofia Härdig press 1.low res by Patrick Miller (kopia).jpg

Sofia Härdig

Photo by Patrick Miller


Sofia Härdig

Photo by Cloudy


Sofia Härdig

Photo by Cloudy

Sofia Härdig

Sofia Härdig

Photo by Stefan Wolff





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Sofia Härdig

Post-punk / Goth-rock 

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