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In 2019 I got a gig from another comedian who told me she could not do it. “It’s good money, but the crowd is 16-year-olds and their parents.” The gig was as an MC at their graduation prom, and I assure you: my material is not suited for kids’ parties... But I also like to inspire the youth. I did the gig, and they liked me; I got that gig every year and in 2022, John was one of the parents in the crowd. He watched me sing a song about the cop in town, and I also suggested the kids to not drink or smoke weed.


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Photos: Lukas Meijer

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“I have been doing comedy since 2008, sticking to my own game, doing my thing. Not everybody liked it. But I continued. I just want to say, thank you. I just kept on going, with passion and truth. And now, eventually, this part of me is an artifact in reality. This is my album, my legacy. And I am immensely grateful. Now I can die. I am done.”

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