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Bark At Your Owner - Howling Jazz!!! - POW! In Your Face Records & Publishing are part of the massively cool group of CMG Holding AB.Which holds labels Icons Creating Evil Art, Something Beautiful Recordings, Despotz Records, Flick Agency, Raw Street Noise and Mars Music.


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Is an Australian singer-songwriter.
Raised in the Mt Druitt, Sydney. Ricky grew up attending the Mt Druitt Samoan Seventh Day Adventist Church. He learnt to sing and perform at a young age and soon discovered country and soul music and it naturally became a huge influence on him. Ricky was a contestant on The Voice Australia 2018.

"Being away from home a lot as a working musician I would naturally miss the little things from home like my own bed, the scent of my house and just seeing familiar faces. It can get hard at times being apart from family and there is no place like home. Growing up in a God fearing, Samoan family my earliest influence was Gospel music. From there I discovered R'n'B and Soul and the rest is history.

Mid 2017 I left my full-time job to become a Musician. With four kids and a partner to support it was a big risk. But I refuse to look back and will live and breathe music till the day I lay to rest. The GRIND is most definitely real but ain't nothing new and with THE MAN upstairs in my corner all things are possible."

For Fans Of: Darius Rucker, Kane Brown,Keith Urban.

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