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Blankiflúr Signed to BAYO / BAYO PUBLISHING

Blankiflúr is the multi-dimensional creative alter-ego of Icelandic musical artist Inga Birna Friðjónsdóttir. Known for her soaring vocal range, dynamic and genre-defying arrangements, and melodic signatures,  she all at once carves a deep musical space that is all her own. Her eclectic, electronic pop sound mixed with her outer-worldly voice has been compared to nordic female powerhouses such as Eivör and Susanne Sundfor, among others.


After spending the first 10 years of her life in Sweden, she moved to a small village in Northern Iceland where any kind of creative studies were not readily available. With this, Inga began a lifelong practice of creating her own artistic opportunities and outlets, including the creation of her own choreographed dance routines, which eventually earned her the title of Icelandic Freestyle Dance Champion two years in a row. Alongside her many artistic ventures, she also spent a great deal of her youth and early adulthood dedicated to her professional soccer career, including winning the Icelandic Championship Title in 2011. She also expanded her focus toward fashion design studies in Denmark, lending yet another tool to her arsenal with which to blend her many creative talents into one all-encompassing entity. 


In 2015, after having a particularly traumatic experience during the birth her first child, she weathered a turbulent period of post-partum depression and subsequent identity crisis. However, with this trauma came an inner-awakening; something urging her to go deeper and truly discover what she was made of: music. And, with this, Blankiflúr was born.


After an incredible first collaboration with Icelandic producer Jerald Copp, she released her debut album “Hypnopomic” in 2021, along with several singles. Additionally her song “Game” featured on the HBO show “Flight Attendant” in 2022. 


Blankiflúr continues to hold a unique and magnetic space in the Nordic music world, weaving together every facet of her singular style and technical skills in a way few artists manage to balance. From songwriting and producing, to razor-sharp art direction, construction and video editing, to lighting conceptualization and costume design, she has developed herself into a hardcore artist on a constant hunt for expansion and exploration in every direction it takes her. 

Qoute from Blankiflúr


Since this EP is a creative collaboration with Jerald Copp I feel like the mental shackles I had while making Hypnopompic were lifted. Instead of having the heavy emotional burdens from my past I was connecting more to my present self and freeing myself from any boundaries and fears I had when it comes to my creativity and weirdness.


This EP is a warm embrace towards myself and the connection me and Jerald Copp share in the studio. Coming from very different backgrounds we are taking our absolute freedom to make whatever we want in whatever way we want to make it. Its been an absolute pleasure to work along side such an incredibly creative musical genius and friend. I could not be more excited to share our work with the rest of the world!


The previously Blankiflúr single “Game” was sync licensed on the HBO show “Flight Attendant” in 2022

Cosmic Wounds EP artwork.jpg

Blankflúr feat. Jerald Copp
Cosmic Wounds

Release date: May 25, 2023

Blankiflur Photo Credit Birgir Breiðfjörð-LowRes.jpg

Blankflúr and Jerald Copp

Photo Credit Birgir Breiðfjörð

Blankiflúr - For You Artwork 3000x3000.jpg

Blankflúr feat. Jerald Copp

For You

Release date: April 21, 2023


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Blankiflúr is the multi-dimensional creative alter-ego of Icelandic musical artist Inga Birna Friðjónsdóttir.

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